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how do I get better at giving you space?

h ow do I get better at giving you space? we gave each other the only thing we truly have to offer: our honesty. between kisses and endless hugs we gave each other our time we gave each other our bodies our sounds and silence falling asleep in that chair in the library nothing never felt as right as laying next to you your heart is like an eighty year old man wisely telling me what your eyes see in me then I made many quotes while those words made me smile like a fifteen year old girl but the things are changing too fast and I don’t even think I can understand that you’re the best thing that I’ve never had it's just that there's a little bit of you in everything i see or in all the pictures of you that I’m keeping maybe to never forget how bright your light shines maybe to keep that sweet pain of having a heartbreaking it’s 2 am, I’m still awake listening to my sad love songs looking up to the sky trough the big window in my bedroom writing some words to the stars wishing I cou