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Autumn colors

  Having an absolute blast painting my canvas today!  There's something so incredibly liberating about letting my creativity flow and watching the colors come to life on the blank canvas.  I've got my favorite tunes playing in the background, and I'm dancing around like nobody's watching while I dip my brush into vibrant hues.  The sheer joy and excitement that fills my heart with each stroke is indescribable!  Who knew that a simple canvas and some paint could bring so much happiness?  It's like stepping into a world where imagination knows no bounds, and I'm the master of my own colorful universe!  Every brushstroke feels like a little victory, as if I'm creating a masterpiece that's uniquely mine.  And even if it doesn't turn out exactly as planned, the process itself is pure bliss. It's all about embracing the unexpected and letting my creativity guide me!  So, if you're looking for a way to unwind, express yourself, and have a ton of

A lifeless vessel

  In shadows dark and moonlight's gleam, Lurks a creature they call Vampire, so it seems. With eyes like embers, burning bright, Drinking life's essence in the dead of night. A haunting figure dressed in black, Silent steps that leave no track. A predator disguised as man, Seducing mortals with a sinister plan. Beware the vampire's hypnotic stare, A mesmerizing gaze, beyond compare. He seeks your blood, your very soul, Leaving you empty, a lifeless vessel, a mere toll. From ancient crypts they emerge, awake, Thirsting for blood, their hunger they cannot shake. Seducing victims with a charming smile, Drawing them close, to drain life's sweetest guile. Through the darkest hours they roam, Their thirst for blood, they can't disown. A nocturnal creature, condemned to the night, Forever cursed, forever out of sight. Yet beneath their cold and pale facade, Lies a heartache they can never evade. Yearning for the warmth they can no longer feel, Caught in an existence that i

Anxious comfort

Like many other days, my brain heightened the dreamlike quality of the turbulence that lives within me. A kind of exhaustion that becomes a part of one's being and doesn't go away with three deep breaths and a scented candle burning to the end. Deep down, I think I'm just tired. Many changes have occurred in the last three months. Body and mind need time to synchronize, adapt, and recognize the new signals, smells, and places. There are new streets to walk, new people to smile at, new dialogues in short conversations. Even the weather requires adjustment. I have a name for what bothers me today, Impostor Syndrome. Today is one of those days when I find myself trapped in a cycle of thought-worry-sleep-lack of concentration. I've heard thousands of good things about myself, congratulated myself on the new book, the countless resumes I've sent, the relentless desire to do things differently and start over. But there's that voice... that voice I can't silence, w

A message in a bottle

Photo:  Dante Janssens  - Unsplash As time passes quickly here, my eyes can hardly keep up with the sunrise and sunset. Everything is changing around me, and I've realized that I am changing too. The sun touches my skin, which, from long walks on the beach, has taken on its natural shade of blackness. Even though many may not consider me black enough. Here, even though not as much as in my homeland, I can still blend in and identify with myself. I've been feeling like I'm in my days of glory. Lighting candles and burning the tips of my fingers. I've been a part of myself, certainly possessed with fearless courage. I thought this would never happen again. I am no longer afraid of what used to terrify me. I no longer have that desire, which, within my flaws and difficulties, I could never satisfy. Throughout the year, I've used the metaphor of the pieces of a shipwreck washing up on the shore of my life, teaching me where I've been and giving me the pieces to buil