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Carrying Memories Around the World

  It’s amazing how we hold onto pieces of every place we’ve called home, isn’t it? I find myself missing little things from each city I’ve lived in. I can still hear the seagulls in Brighton and the hustle and bustle of the London tube. The memory of the music in the streets of Canterbury always brings a smile to my face. And then there’s Norway, where the mountains and breathtaking nature still tug at my heartstrings. The weather may not have been my favorite, but oh, how I long for those scenic views. It’s bittersweet, isn’t it? Memories of days gone by. What do you miss from your past homes? É incrível como nos apegamos a pedaços de cada lugar que chamamos de lar, não é? Sinto falta de pequenas coisas de cada cidade em que morei. Ainda consigo ouvir as gaivotas em Brighton e a agitação do metrô de Londres. A lembrança da música nas ruas de Canterbury sempre me faz sorrir. E há também a Noruega, onde as montanhas e a natureza de tirar o fôlego ainda tocam meu coração. O clima pode nã

Aries Queen

  To the funniest, cutest, sweetest, and stubborn Spanish woman, My Aries queen, my little genius, The woman who makes me laugh hard every day  from the morning to the evening  It’s a pleasure to share life with you,  even if you don’t love garlic, spicy food,  boy bands, or The Walking Dead But you love me and I love you (a lot)  and the life we have together and road trips on the weekends and the Saturday nights we spend on the couch  watching Blue Bloods, Dexter, and many other shows  and foot massage and chocolate and all the "trem e coisas" we do and are together Keep inspiring everyone around you. “You turn this life into an open door, And all I know, Is that I never needed proof The way most people do, It’s enough to just be here, It’s enough to just have you.” Happy Birthday, baby!  Feliz cumpleaños, mi amor! Feliz aniversário, meu amor!  Para a espanhola mais engraçada, mais bonita, mais doce e mais teimosa, Minha rainha ariana, meu pequeno gênio, A mulher que me faz