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Photo: Mariakray - Pixabay Memories: One week living in the Netherlands. It feels like three years have already passed. Not because we've experienced a lot of new things here, there are still many boxes to unpack and more that haven't even arrived yet, but my brain assimilates "yesterday" as a long leap in time. Is my perception of time so unusual? This week has mainly been about dealing with bureaucracy, unpacking, buying essential items, and exploring the area where we live. As a true Sagittarius, new places make my eyes sparkle like fireworks. I just signed up for Bright Lost Things, a community by Noah Gundersen (my favorite artist), where he shares exclusive material. And I'm already on the floor, curled up in a fetal position, wanting to write twenty new books. I thought "Chasing Cars" had hit hard, but the original version of "Better Days" hit me with the intensity of an F1 car on a straight line. This week I felt: excited I'm proud

Hans is a storm

Geiranger Fiorde, Noruega | foto feita por mim I've spent the last month enjoying the company of my daughter and taking short weekend trips along the West Coast of Norway. In between trips, I began packing things up for the big and long-awaited move to another country. I also tried to buy tickets to a Taylor Swift's concert next year. But, guess what? I couldn't get any. I tried many of the European countries, but unless I have a looot of euros - which I don't - to shell out for a VIP ticket, I'll have to rely on a miracle to see Tay Tay on The Eras Tour. I believe in miracles  . Throughout the week, the storm Hans ravaged Norway, causing destruction and leaving many homeless in some areas. It was a week of heavy rains in the region where I live, but everything and everyone is fine  . I took advantage of the blah weather and the fact that I couldn't go for my morning outdoor run/walk and went to the gym to run on the treadmill. Passei o último mês aproveitando m

Long time traveller

Introduction Since the beginning of time, the history of humanity has been built upon ashes and supernatural legends. Mediums, witches, werewolves, vampires, or whatever name is given to those who dwell in the unknown. Century after century, humans have been intrigued by the future through their past. Artists, politicians, economists, poets, thinkers, and scientists delving into the spiritual world to explain supernatural phenomena. Renaissance. That's how many describe the period we've been living in since the 14th century. As if the world is being reborn from darkness into the light. Three centuries later, all I see is war, hunger, ignorance among races and peoples. These centuries would be better described as the Dark Ages. Members of powerful families supporting their own causes and ruling as they see fit. The rich can afford the war, the less fortunate go to the battlefields. In chaotic times, it's easier to blend into the darkness. People disappear constantly, in the